#Aeronautics | Development

#Lockheed Martin Aeronautics | Space based 5G connecting Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices | Robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality in production | Hypersonic technology | Air Launched Rapid Response Weapon

#Rolls Royce | Aircraft Engines

#Pratt Whitney | Aircraft Engines

#Galvatek | Automated Surface Treatment Plants

#Airbus | Aircrafts

#Aerospace Global Forum | Net Zero | Cross sector collaboration | Space launch industry | Small sat constellations | Broadband internet distributed across the world | Satellite images generating insight to predict climate risks | International spaceport infrastructure | Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts | Urban air mobility | Smart infrastructure | Artificial Intelligence | Machine learning | Post pandemic recovery | Geopolitical tensions | Farnborough International Airshow | FINN

#Panasonic Avionics | Inflight Entertainment

#Vertical Aerospace | Urban Air Mobility | Electric Air Travel

#JetEast | Aviation Maintenance

#Gama Aviation | Business Aviation | Special Mission and Technology | Outsourcing

#SmartSky Network | ATG | Air To Ground Network

#JGC Holdings | EPC | Engineering | Procurement | Construction

#Cosmo Oil | Aviation Fuels

#Pertamina | Renewable Energy

#Mitsubishi Heavy Industries | Aircrafts

#Avocet Aircraft | Experimental Aircrafts

#Sonex Aircraft | Aircraft kits

#Boom Supersonic | Structural supplier agreements with Aernnova for Overture wings | Leonardo for the fuselage and wing box | Aciturri for the empennage | Boom to support Northrop Grumman on a NASA study to advance commercial supersonic flight efficiency | Overture design | 26 million core hours of simulated software designs | five wind tunnel tests | 51 full design iterations | Up to 33 aircraft per year

#Tecnam | Aircrafts

#Condor Aviation | Modifications to Light Aircraft

#DBT Aero | STP | Synergy Technology Platform

#Lancair Aircraft | Aircraft | Engine Mount Crack Inspection

#Evolution Aircraft | Custom Built Aircraft

#Vertical power | Aircraft Wiring

#Air Car | eVTOL | Autonomous Electric Aircraft

#PAL V | Flying Car

#Samson Sky | Three Wheel Flying Vehicle

#Linde Engineering | Hydrogen Production Processing Storage and Distribution

#Metabolic | Circular Economy

#Wideroe | Norwegian Airline

#KLM Engineering & Maintenance | Predictive Maintenance

#Urban Air Mobility| UAM | eVTOL | Urban Air Taxi | VoloCopter | ADAC Luftrettung | Bristow Group Inc | Nice Climate Summit | Conference of Parties (COP)

#Aero Capital Solutions | Freighter conversion

#Aeronautical Engineers | Supplemental type certificate | Freighter conversion

#Neste | Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAS) | Renewable diesel | Renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals | Developing chemical recycling to combat the plastic waste challenge | Accelerating shifting to circular economy | Creating solutions for migitating climate change

#Fly Victor | On demand private jet company | Neste | Sustainable Aviation Fuel | SAF | Private and corporate members reducing carbon emissions of their air travel, meeting climate targets set | Credibly reporting CO2 emission reductions | SAF goal in Europa 10% of all jet fuel by 2030 | Aviation sector striving for net zero carbon emissions by 2050

#Honeywell | Denso | VTOL | UAS | UAM

#EASA | Pilot Training

#Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation | Teros UAS | Unmanned aircraft systems development and flight services | UAV Ground Control Stations | Advanced acoustics development | Persistent surveillance systems | Air vehicle technology |Airborne systems | Secure communications | Systems integration

#Universal Scene Description as the Language of the Metaverse | 3D Internet | Metaverse | Interconnected 3D spaces | Digital twins | Universal Scene Description (USD) | Pixar Animation Studios | USD layers | Different users can modify the composed scene on different layers, and their edits will be non-destructive | Python 3 support | USD core for Python programmers | Material Definition Language (MDL) | Schema for rigid body dynamics simulation | glTF interoperability | Geospatial schema (WGS84) | International character (UTF-8) support | USD compatibility testing and certification suite | Developer NVIDIA

#Danuri | Sensing permanently shadowed craters in moon, which could contain water ice | Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) | Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) | SpaceX | NASA

#Viasat | Secure defense communication system | Integrated defense satellite communications | SATCOM terminal | Link 16 radio | Electronic warfare (EW) resistant network | Integrated tactical networking | Geostationary satellites

#AST Space Mobile | AST n Science | Building space based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones | 4G/5G connectivity everywhere on the planet | Automatic roaming from land networks to a space network | Connectivity anywhere without having to invest in expensive, specialized hardware

#Volocopter | VoloCity air taxi | VoloIQ | Urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem | VoloPort | Bruchsal, Germany

#Singapore Economic Development Board | Pratt & Whitney | automation | advanced inspection | connected factory | digital twin

#AJW Group | Turkey | Istanbul | full service local office | engines | major assets | contractual support negotiations | MRO services | nose to tail support solutions

#Airbus | Airbus Skywise | Aviation services | Services to improve aircraft availability and efficiency will increasingly be outsourced, boosting the market for those providers | Operators focusing more on their core business | Accelerated digitalisation of operations and maintenance | Higher proportion of latest generation aircraft in service need to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions

#Gaptek | Modular hangar construction | Lightweight system | Turnkey facilities | Fast deployment | Low environmental impact | Capability to be easily adapted and relocated

#Microchip Technology | Tactile Twist on Modern Touch Displays | Reduces Bill of Materials (BoM) | Operates on standard sensor patterns | Eliminates need for openings in the front panel | Configurable knob position, size and number of detents (clicks) | Optional push function | Up to four knob instances | Mount capacitive rotary encoders, also called rotary knobs, over a touch panel | The knob is a passive mechanical element, specifically designed to include at least one conductive pad | The maXTouch KoD touchscreen

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#MIT | White graphene nanotubes | Stronger, heat resistant composites | Membranes for renewable energy | Hollow aligned fibers, or nanotubes, made from hexagonal boron nitride | Hexagonal boron nitride ( hBN) | Fabricating aligned boron nitride nanotubes in bulk | hBN is transparent and electrically insulating | hBN to electrically insulate sensors within electronic devices | Blue energy, electricity produced from the ionic filtering of salt water into fresh water | Nanotube engineering | Hypersonic and space applications

#Saudia | Lilium | Air mobility network | Electric point to point connections | Red Sea coast | Oxagon industrial city | Residential community called The Line

#Emirates Airline | Investing in new Boeing freighters to boost its air cargo fleet | Ordered five Boeing 777 200 LR freighter aircraft worth $1.7 billion

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#NATO | Innovation Fund | Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) | Dual use emerging technologies of priority to NATO | Artificial intelligence | Quantum enabled technologies | Autonomy | Biotechnology |Novel materials | Energy | Propulsion | Space

#Intel | Kapoho Point Board | Four Loihi 2 chips on its top side | Four on its underside | Up to a million neurons | Up to a billion synapses | Up to 8 million variables | Up to 1000× better energy efficiency than a state of the art CPU solver | Stackable up to eight boards | Expansion port on the board | Four boards getting up to 32 million neurons | Drones | Robotics | Gesture recognition | Scene understanding | Smell identification | Solving optimization problems | Research

#Overture Superfactory | Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing facility, the Overture Superfactory

#U.S. Air Force | AFWERX | AFVentures division | Strategic Funding Increase (STRATFI) | Supersonic aviation | Boom

#Boom | Symphony supersonic engine | Florida Turbine Technologies (FTT) | GE Additive | StandardAero | United Airlines Ventures | Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc | F35 | Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing | Biological neural computation | New algorithmic approaches | Emulating human brain interactions | Spiking neural networks (SNNs) | Simulating natural learning | Dynamically remapping neural networks | Making decisions in response to learned patterns over time | Powering autonomous AI solutions | Supporting energy efficiency and continuous learning | Sensing | Robotics | Healthcare | Large scale AI applications

#SpaceX | Satellite to cellular service

#Elroy Air | Autonomous cargo aircraft systems| Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) cargo aircraft | Specially designed aerodynamic modular cargo pods | Commercial logistics | Disaster relief | Firefighting | Humanitarian operations | Replacing difficult ground transportation | Detachable pod | Dropping off cargo | Pickkung up ready to go cargo | Makint deliveries fast | Allowing ground crew to empty or load a pod at their leisure

#Airbus | Multi Functional Fuselage Demonstrator (MFFD) | Thermoplastic manufacturing and joining technologies | Robotic welding in the assembly of thermoplastic aerostructures | Reducing aircraft cost, weight, emissions | Fraunhofer IFAM in Stade | German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Structures and Design, Augsburg | Modular manufacturing | GKN Fokker | Elmo

#MASC | Okayama Kurashiki Mizushima Aero & Space Industry Cluster Study Group | Flying car | Serving remote islands and mountainous regions | Taking off and landing vertically | Alleviating urban traffic congestion | Aerospace hub in Okayama planned

#SkyDrive | Flying Car

#teTra Aviation | Single seat eVTOL

#Natilus | Autonomous global air freight system | Kona sub-scale prototype | Blended Wing Body (BWB) aircraft design | Janicki: composite designs | Pratt & Whitney Canada: engines | Collins Aerospace: specialized loading systems | Siemens: software for computer-aided design | Purchase agreements from: Ameriflight, Astral Aviation, Aurora, Dymond, Volatus Aviation, Flexport

#N3 Engine | Engine Overhaul Services

#House Armed Services tactical air and land forces subcommittee | Technology Refresh 3 upgrades for F35 fighter | Intended to give F35 jet better displays, computer memory and processing power | Update needed before F35 can receive a more wide ranging modernization known as block 4 | Block 4 includes new sensors, ability to carry more long range precision weapons, better data fusion, and updated electronic warfare capabilities | Upgrade expected to arive up to a year later | TR 3 running about $700 million over budget | Flight tests of the TR-3 enabled F35 | Reviewing the test results | Hardware fell behind | Software integration lagged | Test aircrafts tend to be some of the oldest F35s hindering Air Force to conduct tests

#GE Aerospace Advanced Research Center | Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

#Aurora Flight Sciences | Liberty Lifter project | X Plane | Heavy lift cargo seaplane | Capable of taking off and landing in rough seas

#ShinMaywa | US 2 seaplane | Capable of landing both on water and tarmac runways | Special Operations Forces (SOF) | For potential conflict in the Western Pacific region

#Leidos | Common-Hypersonic Glide Body | Glide vehicle prototyping | Blue Origin member | Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) program

#Revolution.Aero | Disruptive technologies | Sustainable solutions | Transformative business models | Electric and autonomous aircraft | Urban air mobility and infrastructure

#Cool Chain Association (CCA) | Lamprecht Pharma Logistics | Logfret

#Aernnova | Overture wings for Boom Supersonic

#Leonardo | Overture fuselage and wing box for Boom Supersonic

#Aciturri | Overture empennage for Boom Supersonic

#Safran Landing Systems | Boom Supersonic

#United States Air Force | AFVentures division | Accommodating mission systems for a variety of military applications, including executive transport; rapid global logistics; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; and special operations | Boom Supersonic

#Florida Turbine Technologies | Engine design and assemble for Symphony Boom | Assembling initial production units for ground test, flight test, and certification at its facility in Jupiter, Florida

#Atol Aviation | E-SEAPLANE | Inexpensive passenger transport between city centres | Electric/hybrid amphibian airplane designed by commercial seaplane pilot for rugged use and demanding conditions | 5-12 seat hybrid/electric charter amphibian for taxi flights within city, between cities or in/into wilderness

#FAA | Boom Supersonic | Mach 1.7 Overture airliner for commercial service | Compliance checklist | Environmental regulations for noise and emissions | Compliance on behalf of overseas regulators for aircraft destined for export

#DeltaHawk | Hydrogen two-stroke piston engine | Building FAA-certified jet-fueled piston engine for general aviation aircraft | Better fuel economy than fuel cells | Design, based on patented two-stroke technology | Engine family for hydrogen fuel | Simulation analysis of hydrogen-fueled variant of engine family for multiple markets | Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) | Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) | Better fuel economy with hydrogen than with fuel cells | Two-stroke technology | Testing in computer simulations | Utilizing hydrogen fuel in aviation

#Embraer | Inspection aircraft | Flight Inspection Services Center

#Aerodata | Fight inspection system | Maintaining and calibrating navigation aids | Enhancing safety and efficiency of airspace | Robot arm control software | Supervised autonomy-based solution for robots in space

#Renishaw | Incremental linear and rotary (angle) encoders within optical Seal Ring Measurement System (SRMS) | Fuel efficiency of aero-engine

#OndoSense | Radar distance sensor | Sensor software: integrated into control system or used for independent quality monitoring | Object detection | Distance measurement | Position control | Agriculture: reliable height control of the field sprayer | Mining industry | Transport & Logistics | Shipping & Offshore | Mechanical and plant engineering | Metal and steel industry | Energy sector | Harsh industrial environments | Dust & smoke: no influence | Rain & snow: no influence | Radar frequency: 122GHz | Opening angle: ±3° | Measuring range: 0.3 – 40 m | Measuring rate: up to 100Hz | Output rate: up to 10 ms / 100 Hz | Measurement accuracy; up to ±1mm | Measurement precision: ±1mm | Communication protocol: RS485; Profinet, other interfaces via gateway | Switching output: 3x push-pull (PNP/NPN) | Analogue output: Current interface (4 – 20 mA) | Protection class: IP67